Why Choose Wix Answers?

Wix Answers makes it easy to create a stunning Help Center and Ticketing System for your business.
You’ll get everything you need to set up your Knowledge Base, Ticketing System, Call Center and Live Chat - beautiful templates, professional content layouts and task management tools. Make your Help Center accessible to all your customers with easy localization, advanced search and industry-leading SEO. With Wix Answers, you can build stronger, longer lasting relationships with your customers.
Wix Answers is Powered by Wix.com
Wix Answers was developed in-house to provide Wix.com a complete customer service solution  - known today as the Wix Help Center. Over the past 10 years, Wix has grown to support over 110 million customers worldwide. Today, Wix users can send tickets and browse articles to find answers on their own.