Known Issue Looking into it

Using Known Issue Articles

Create Known Issue articles to collect complaints and update customers about bugs and issues you're aware of. 
Review your top Known Issues from the Knowledge Base Insights dashboard.

Creating Known Issues

When you create a Known Issue, you select a status to show customers which stage you're at in fixing the problem. Choose from Looking into it, Working on it, Resolved, or Third-party bug.

Following Known Issues

Customers can follow Known Issues by clicking Report at the bottom of the article, or by having their ticket linked to it. You can automatically notify followers when you update the Known Issue's status.

Known Issue Statuses

Known Issues display a status at the top to let customers know which stage you're at in regards to fixing the problem. You can send automatic notifications to followers when you update the status.
  • Customize the email template you can send to followers when you update the status.
  • We recommend unpublishing Known Issues that have been resolved for more than 2 weeks.