Tutorial: Getting Started with Your Help Center

Step 1: Set Up Categories

  1. Hover over the Knowledge Base icon in the side panel and click Categories.
  2. Click + Add New Category at the top left.
  3. Enter a category name in the field and click Create.
Reorder your categories by hovering over one, then clicking the Reorder icon and dragging it into a new position. 

Step 2: Create Subcategories

  1. Hover over the category on the left and click the Show More icon
  2. Click Add Subcategory.
  3. Enter a subcategory name in the field and click Save

Step 3: Create Articles

  1. Click the Knowledge Base icon in the side panel. 
  2. Click + New Article at the top right.
  3. Select an article type:
    • Informative Article: Introduce features, provide step-by-step instructions, answers FAQs and more. 
    • Feature Request: Collect feedback from your users regarding features they would like to have. Later you can automatically update these users when the feature is released. 
    • Known Issue: Users can report that they're experiencing an issue and automatically receive updates when it's resolved. 
  4. (Optional) Select a category for your article from the Category drop-down.
    Note: An article must be in a category before you can publish it. You can move it to a category later.
  5. Click Create Article.
  6. Enter the title of the article in the Title field. 
  7. Click the Add a block icon to start adding content: 
    • Text: Add text, bulleted or numbered lists.
    • Subtitle: Add section headings, subtitles and anchored subtitles.
    • Informative Notes: Add a note, tip, important or warning content.
    • Lines: Add solid or dashed lines.
    • Image: Upload an image. 
    • Video: Add a video by URL or embed code.
    • More: Select other available options including tables, collapsible components, HTML and more.
  8. From the footer menu you can also select:
    • Translations: Send to translation to localize your article in other languages.
    • Labels: Add labels to help sort and manage content.
    • Notes: Add an internal note. This note is not visible in the published content.
    • Tasks: Create and assign Write, Update or Review tasks. 
    • Related Content: Add related content to help direct your users to other articles.
    • Categories: Move the article into another category or subcategory. 
  9. Click Save at the top right.
  10. When you're ready, click the Save drop-down and select Publish
  1. (Optional) Select a publishing option: 
    • Notify followers: Send an automatic notification to followers of the article.
    • Update URL: Redirect the article's old URL (if previously published with a different title) to the new URL. 
  2. Click Publish my article now.